Numix offers consultancy to support nutrition bar projects. We believe in expanding the market through education and availability. The more the merrier. We have over time enriched our knowledge on all spheres related to developing and manufacturing nutrition bars. We can initialize formulations, produce prototypes, carry out laboratory and pilot plant experiments, perform plant trials and strategize initial production for your company. We work closely with each client to analyze formulations, review the manufacturing processes, secure suppliers and ingredients as well develop packaging options to reduce product costs. We understand technologies like slab formed, cold extrusion and baking. Our team is equipped to support in increasing taste and texture of protein bars while reducing water activity and increasing shelf life. Applications such as high protein, crunch and low fat can be formulated to meet your desires.

Broadly, what can we help with?

  • Formulation of Nutrition Bars- Protein Bars, Cereal Bars, Energy Bars, Granola Bars, Specific Nutrition bars
  • Improving the taste of your existing bar
  • Optimizing the cost of your existing bar
  • Increasing the shelf life of the nutrition bar
  • Developing Stability protocol
  • Tech transfer from lab scale to commercial scale
  • BUY: Buy Ready Formulation- Check the Products section.
  • FLAVOR- Flavor tweak a Ready Formulation
  • DEVELOP- Develop your own formulation
What will you get?
  • Detailed Bill of Material
  • Detailed Manufacturing Process
  • Ingredient Suppliers