Our unique bar capabilities and technologies help complete your concept-to-consumer value chain. We can help convert your nutrition bar idea into a marketable delicious healthy bar. From 20g to 150g, our facilities allow large flexibility in product type and size including energy bars, cereal bars, granola bars, snack bars, baked bars, protein bars in private label . We can adapt your specific needs and offer a good shelf life products. NuMix can produce 500,000 bars per day. So whatever your quantity maybe, we are ready.


An ideal process for low density products with whole particulates. For example, cereals, dry fruits, nuts, grains, seeds etc. This is used for products like cereal bars, granola bars, dry fruit bars.

Single Layer Slab Formed Bar

Single Slab

A simple rolled slab that exposes each ingredient

Double Layered Slab formed bar

Double Slab

Indulgence in flavours. Keeping this separate but together.

Tripe layered slab formed bar

Triple Slab

Top up the double slab with a creamy layer


This cold slabbed low pressure extrusion production process is ideal for high density products like high protein bars, dough based bars, low binding bars etc.

Single Layer Extruded

Single Extruded

This high density dough based format is used for high protein bars.

Extruded Coated Bar

Extruded with Coating

Single extruded with a coated cream layer of desired flavour.


Taste is important and to mask the unpleasant flavours of raw ingredients, compound chocolate coating is an excellent option. Temperature control in these bars is essential and they need to be stored below 30 degree celsius.

Fully Coated Bar

Fully Coated

Complete coated with your favourite flavour and helps to bind the bar.

Half Coated Bar

Half Coated

Bottom coated bars for better strength and taste

Zig Zag Drizzle

Zig-Zag Drizzle

Thin drizzle of chocolate in zig-zag pattern for aesthetic appeal and flavour.


Quality is one of our core values at NuMix. We have integrated quality into our systems from the initial facility design itself. At NuMix, we follow strict GMP norms and our facility has strict compliance on man and material flows. Area zoning has been done thoroughly to ensure utmost care of the product. Each high care area is temperature and humidity controlled. Zoning is maintained by segregation and pressure differential.

Our in-house quality systems have been developed keeping in mind latest industry regulations. The quality assurance team ensures that each step of the process is well documented and traceable. SOP based working has been adopted to ensure repeatability of processes.

With a state of the art in-house Quality Testing Lab, we are able to ensure that each raw material and packing material used in the facility meets the expected specifications. Also each finished product is tested for physical, chemical and microbial parameters before release. Sophisticated high-end equipment are installed in the quality lab to ensure quality and safety of the product. The lab also features water activity analysis and Stability Chambers for shelf life analysis.

The facility follows FSSC 22000 guidelines and is FSSAI approved.


We can offer various packaging options depending on customer preference and qualities. An ideal packaging is pillow packed bars in a printed laminate. In case, the quantity of bars required is small, we can use pillow pouch plain laminate and then pack in 4 color printed boxes.


The minimum quantity of bars required to manufacture depends on  product formulation and packaging. We try our best to provide lesser quantity but to make the operations of the automated lines viable we need at least 1000kg order.


We can ship the product within India as well as internationally( US, Europe, Africa). We work with forwarding agents who can arrange product shipments to your required destination.


It takes about 60 days for processing first order and subsequent orders can be serviced in 30 days if regular forecasts are provided.



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